Lost and Found

The Mela authority along with the police department is establishing 12 high-tech Lost and Found registration centers across the Mela area. These centres will facilitate the lost pilgrims to reunite with their families and friends. This facility will provide digital registration of lost pilgrims at all centers and assist the pilgrims to unite with their kins through below mentioned features:

  • Lost person (not carrying mobile) can call and connect with their family/friends through help of Lost and Found centre
  • Lost/missing persons information including the centre name/location where the person is situated at will be displayed at every Lost and Found centre to help family/ friends trace the missing person
  • Public address announcement at the centres for all lost/missing people
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) postings of Lost and Found individuals
  • Police support if lost persons are not claimed by their family/friends within 5 days